Almost everyone that has a hot water heater in their home or commercial premises wants to know what its lifespan will be and the frequency at which they need to get it maintained. Since a water heater is an appliance that would last for at least over a decade, you want to be sure that it works correctly and provides you with the functionality you need. Typically when you invest in a water heater from a renowned brand, you can expect it to last for between eight and ten years.

However, if you get it serviced with regularity, you will find that its performance is better and that it will also have an increased service life. We recommend to our clients that they should get hot water service done every six months. When you stick to this bi-annual schedule, it helps to maintain the performance of the system and ensure that you do not have to deal with breakdowns very often. However, this is not a thumb rule.

For example, if the hot water system is on a commercial or residential property that sees a significant amount of use every single day, then you might need to get the service done at shorter intervals. In this situation, we suggest that you get your hot water system serviced every three to four months. Our team of experts is here to handle this job. Not only will inspect the actual hot water unit but also the adjacent plumbing installation. If anything is wrong, they will inform you about it and fix it without delay.

2. Why does my toilet keep running, and what can I do about it?

Running toilets are not an uncommon problem, and many property owners find themselves dealing with it. While it might not seem like more than an annoyance, the fact is that it results in a significant amount of water wastage. Also, if you ignore the problem for too long, it can cause more wear and tear in the moving components resulting in issues becoming worse. The best way to avoid all of this is to hire the services of skilled operators who will inspect the system thoroughly and determine what is wrong with it.

The valve inside the system might have worn out, or the chain may be stuck under the valve. In all of these instances, it can result in water running in the toilet. Sometimes, neglect can cause sudden flooding, which can be very challenging to handle. Rather than deal with this annoyance and cause wastage of water, you should get your leaking toilets inspected without delay.

Our team is highly skilled, and they have the tools and equipment to tackle this job to industry standards. They will inspect the entire system to determine what is wrong. Once they have handled the repair work, they will also inspect the toilet and test it a few times to make sure that it is functioning as it should. We are always available to handle toilet repairs and other plumbing problems so you should never hesitate to call us and get it fixed on time.

Most people believe that using chemical toilet cleaners is the best way to ensure that their drains remain clean and clear at all times. These products are very readily available in hardware stores or even on supermarket shelves, making it easy for people to reach for them and stock them in their homes. However, even though these products claim that they can clean the drains very effectively, they also tend to cause some damage to the pipes. Apart from this, common chemical drain cleaners are toxic, which makes them unsafe for use in homes where there are children and pets.

The far better option to maintain your drains is to hire professionals like us for the job. We provide high-quality, reliable drain cleaning solutions to residential and commercial clients. We do not use any chemical drain cleaners in our work because they are harmful to the plumbing system. Instead, we use advanced equipment and tools such as CCTV drain cameras and water pressure jets in our work.

If any roots are blocking the drainage pipes, we use root cutting machines to clear the debris. As you can see, it takes much more than chemical drain cleaners to tackle the job without causing any damage to your plumbing system. It is also best to opt for preventive plumbing maintenance as this allows experts like us to determine whether there are any potential problems and fix them before they get out of hand.

There are times when people find that brown coloured water is emerging from the taps and showers in their homes. This can be quite alarming, and the fact is that you need to call in a plumber to address this issue. When you notice brown coloured water coming from the taps in your home, it means that there is rust inside the pipelines. The rust may be from the pipe itself or the hot water unit connected to it. In some instances, sediment builds up inside the hot water unit, causing a lot of debris and dirt to collect in it, which results in the brown coloured water.

This issue needs to be addressed without delay, and you need the services of professional plumbers like the ones at our company. We will use the latest equipment in our work and determine where the problem lies before fixing it. In case the rust and corrosion have eaten into the hot water tank, or if the unit is old, we may recommend that you get it replaced.

This will solve the problem permanently. In case there is a problem with the pipelines, we may recommend that you get individual sections of it replaced. There is no fixed solution to this, and the ones that we offer will depend on the inspection that our experts carry out and their assessment of the problem. We also suggest that you get regular preventive plumbing maintenance done as this helps our professionals to spot issues early and address them before they get expensive and complex to fix.

It can be incredibly annoying to step into the shower and find that it takes very long for the hot water to come into it. You might not realise it, but this is quite a common problem that many homeowners complain about. There are various reasons why this could occur. In some cases, it is because the water heater unit location is very far away from specific bathrooms in the house.

In other cases, it is because the pipeline leading to the bathroom is very narrow, which means that it is unable to pull the hot water to the shower at the correct pace. In the case of poorly maintained plumbing systems, sediment build-up inside the pipes could also be causing this problem. No matter what the cause of the issue is, you need to get it fixed without delay. Our team of professionals will inspect every aspect of the system right from the hot water unit up to the pipelines that lead to your showers.

They will also inspect the hot water unit for signs of deterioration or aging. If any are found, they might recommend that you get your hot water unit replaced as this may be the cause of the inadequate hot water supply. We use the latest equipment in our work and will make sure that the issue is fixed so that you do not have to wait for a long time for your shower to heat up. If the problem is caused due to cold weather outside, insulating the exterior pipes can solve the issue.

Water leakages in a house can be an annoyance as well as a problematic issue. If you have a significant water leak in your home, you must address it without delay. The only problem is that in some cases, property owners do not know that there is a leak on the property. This is because the plumbing installations are mostly hidden from sight, making it very difficult to spot deterioration or damage which results in leakages. However, there are some signs that you can look out for.

For example, if you are getting excessively high water bills or you can hear water running behind the walls or even if there is less water pressure in your home it could mean that you have a significant leak in your house. In this situation, you should call us in to address the problem. Before that, it is better that you turn off the main water valve near the metre on your property; it will prevent further flooding.

When we tackle this job, we use the best leak detection equipment in our work; it helps identify the location of the leakages, and our team members will then provide suitable fixes. It is never a good idea to try to fix the leakage yourself as it can end up causing damage to the plumbing as well as other features in your home, making it very costly to fix. We provide high-quality services and are also available round the clock so you should never hesitate to call us in case you have a significant leak in your house.

If you are planning to head out on an extended vacation, you might be wondering whether you should turn the water supply in your home off before you leave. This is a very valid question. Just as you switched off all the lights, electrical fixtures and appliances before you go, turning off the water supply might be the right choice. Since you would not be at home for a specific duration, you wouldn’t know if there is a sudden plumbing problem on your property when you are not there.

For example, a leaking or burst pipe can become a significant issue causing damage to installations and electrical points in your home. This situation can be avoided by turning off the water supply before you leave. It gives you peace of mind that you do not have to deal with these types of plumbing problems when you are not around. Sometimes, property owners prefer to keep the water supply switched on even when they are going out on an extended holiday.

In this case, we recommend that you get some plumbing maintenance done. Our team will inspect all the plumbing installations and features for signs of any deterioration that can create a problem when you are not around. They will fix the problem so that you do not have to deal with any sudden plumbing issues when you are away. Prevention is far better than cure when it comes to any water leakage is or related plumbing issues.

If you find that you are getting excessively high water bills and are wondering what the cause of the problem is, there are various things that you would need to take into account. First, determine whether there has been excessive use of water on your property without you knowing about it. However, if that is not the case, you would have to check some other things. Only skilled and experienced professionals would be able to inspect the entire system thoroughly to determine what is causing the problem.

Sometimes too many leaking taps and showers can cause an escalation in water bills. Leakages in pipes behind walls or in areas that are not visible can also be another cause. As you can see, there are various reasons why you might be receiving a high water bill, and you must hire professionals that use the latest leak detection equipment in their work.

They will inspect the entire plumbing system in a detailed way to pinpoint the location of the problem so that they can fix it to industry standards. As a company with vast experience in this industry, we always encourage our clients to get preventive plumbing maintenance done. It helps professionals pinpoint issues before they emerge or get out of hand so that they can fix it sooner than later. This approach can save you a lot of time, trouble and money.

Sometimes, you find that you lose hot water whenever you shower, and someone else in your house is using a tap at the same time. Various things can cause low water pressure. It could be because the pipe leading to the particular area is too narrow and it cannot support that heavy usage simultaneously. At other times it could be because there is rust build-up of sedimentation build up in the water tank causing low water pressure.

At times the hot water system might be at fault, and it might not have the capacity to heat water at the pace that it is being used. It means that if someone else had turned on the tap before you used the shower, the hot water would first get directed there and you would get less water for some time. Skilled and professional plumbers like us can quickly fix these issues. When you call us with this problem, our team of experts will visit your property and will inspect the entire system to determine where the problem lies.

If any kind of pipe replacement is required, we will handle it to industry standards. Our team will also check your hot water system to determine whether there is any damage to the unit. If they notice it, they will inform you about it and may also suggest that you get a replacement of the system. No matter how straightforward or complex the repairs, you can trust us to handle the job for you so that you get the right amount of hot water when you shower.

Many people like to handle DIY projects in their home. While there is nothing wrong in handling minor carpentry projects or even painting individual rooms, plumbing issues are entirely different. These systems are quite complex, and many of the installations are also hidden behind walls or under the ground. It means that if you try to tackle any of these jobs yourself, you may end up causing more damage, which can become very costly to fix down the track.

It is far better to hire the services of a skilled and experienced plumber for all your plumbing issues. When it comes to hiring a plumber, you would want to know how much it will cost to hire them. However, there is no specific rate that all plumbers would charge for a particular job. There are many variables in the picture. The location of the plumbing company where your home is, the type of plumbing problem you are facing and the replacements needed are essential factors that determine the cost.

Sometimes, very experienced and credible companies may charge a higher rate for a particular task. However, they may provide superior services which become benefit for you. You can also ask them whether they charge by the hour or job, and this is another aspect that can change the cost of a particular service. Check whether they cover their work with guarantees as that is another benefit even if they charge slightly higher rates for a plumbing task.